Cutter Associates NY – Automating Asset Management

26 October 2017

Xceptor sponsored last week’s Cutter Associates meeting in New York, where Todd was invited to speak on the “Automating Business Processes” panel alongside UiPath.

The panel highlighted the problems faced by Asset Managers, which as an industry is still reliant on manual processing, due to the wide variety of data sources and formats.

It seems that as an industry one size does NOT fit all. Todd was asked about how Xceptor works with financial institutions to automate operations processes, with different institutions having significantly different data automation requirements.

Some institutions use Xceptor to simply capture and validate data, while others extend its use to include workflow, automating the reconciliations process. And for those few institutions with a very high volume processing, Xceptor is used to capture and cleanse data, enabling Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) software to automate the rest of the process.

From conversations on the day, it seems that the main issue faced by all is the month-end and/or quarter-end process, where the volume of emails and spreadsheets spikes. We can help with that.

Cutter Associates events are designed for operations and technology professionals. The New York event brings together industry leaders from across the global asset management community. For more information visit

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